Mrs. Callahan's Zoom link:

Mrs. Caulfield's Zoom link: QUldYMEdkUT09 (859 606 6903 Passcode: read) 

We are ending the week on a crazy note, huh? For those who have not yet seen Dr. Block's email, tomorrow will be a virtual day for all students as well as a two hour delay. To keep this email as short and sweet as possible, here are quick notes for how tomorrow will work:



  • Find an area of the house for your child to complete their day virtually learning. For most, this will be their first time learning on the computer. To ensure they can be successful, please make sure the laptop is charged, plugged into an outlet, and it is cleared of distractions (toys, tv, etc). 

  • I highly suggest doing a trial run with your child's laptop if this is the first time you will be using it this school year. Please contact tech support if you are not able to log onto the computer. 

  • Students will log on to their district computers with the login information that was provided at back to school night (QR code). If that has been misplaced your child's password can be found on Genesis. I do not have access to the student passwords so please check Genesis or contact tech support. Directions for how to log on with a QR code were sent home in the Harrison folders today.

  • In your child's Harrison folder, I have sent home worksheets that will be completed tomorrow for virtual learning. Please put these 3 papers at your child's work area so they are ready when needed (blank writing paper, weekly reader magazine, and -ig word family). All other papers can be taken out of the folder and kept/discarded at your discretion. 

  • Attached you will find the virtual kindergarten schedule, please read through as we are using last year's virtual learning times.

  • To the best of your abilities, please have a pencil, eraser, and crayons at your child's work station.

This will be our first time virtually learning as a whole class. I am sure there will be a few bumps in the road, but just like I tell the kinders, we are going to try our best!