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 Event Security Operations 

Global Operations will secure your event from conception to conclusion. Global Operations works on a multi-level system, based on the Israeli and United States standards for event security. We provide operational planning (which includes creating a secure and safe environment), head-of-security, and agents. Depending on the sensitivity of the event, we can also provide an extra layer of security that can include sniffer dogs, magnometers (metal detectors), and agents specialized in behavioral profiling.


Planning and Operating


Prior to your event, Global Operations will provide you with an in-depth assessment of your security needs based upon on-site visits and an assessment of the current threat level. We will create an operational security plan to ensure a safe and secure event. We specialize in securing events while minimizing any interference to the event.




Global Operations' head-of-securities have extensive experience with high-risk event organization and planning around the world. The head-of-security ensures the coordination of the event's security with the event organizers in order to guarantee a successful and safe event. Responsibilities of the head-of-security include operational planning as well as coordination of agents.

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