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 Diciplinary Consulting 

Global Operations will consult you from the first step to the last in creating complete security, safety, and emergency plans that require a comprehensive evaluation and assessment of security vulnerabilities.


Global Operations consults in the following specialties:


  • Aviation/Maritime/Oil Rig/Mining Security

  • Public Transportation Security

  • Operational Planning (Events, VIP, Corporate, etc)

  • Securing Sensitive & Essential Facilities

  • Government and Private Security Agencies

  • Safety Planning (Natural Disasters, Fire, Attacks, etc.)

  • Blast Shield Defense Engineering*

  • Strategic Intelligence Consulting


* Blast Shield Defense Engineering provides a high-level of protection from a terror or criminal threat to         commercial, governmental, and residential buildings by assessing the survivability of the structure from       various explosion scenarios and taking the necessary steps.


Blast Shield Defense Engineering can be done in the pre-construction level or as intervention engineering for an existing building.


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